Thursday, 15 December 2011

Nadi Annisa

Assalamualaikum readers :)

On the 10th of December we are fortunate to be invited to go for the launching of  Nadi Annisa. Nadi Annisa is the  Non-profit and non-governmental organisation specifically for Muslim Women. Aim of this organisation is to build a place for Muslim women to go to the place where they can do their recreational activities in line with Syariah principles and Islamic environment. They also offer Syariah counselling and advice for the members.
They have facilities such as:  

1. Swimming Pool
2. Mini Gym
3. Mini Library
4. Usrah Session
5. Educational Lectures and Classes
6. Syariah Advice and Counselling
7. Quran Recitation Classes
8. Quran Tutoring Classes
9. Arabic Classes
10. Cooking Classes
11. New Muslimah (mualaf) Classes
12. Self Defense Classes
13. Sewing Classes

The best part of this organisation is they given discount for students to become members :). 

During the launching day, 12 members of MHC have attended and the best moment have been captured.. Enjoice the photos above!
the blue pool
place for aerobic


Last but not least....

Members of MHC with the owner of the place Sister Rozana

For more info of Nadi Annisa just click on the website:
That's all for now girls.. 
Love, MHC :)



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