Thursday, 18 August 2011


Assalamualaikum to all pretty ladieess and handsome guy out there. Today I would love to share about the HOT topic among TEENAGERS. Is about L.O.V.E!!  Most of the human being especially teenagers had experience on being in love or have a feeling to be loved by someone including me!!

 Do you know that what is the INTERNAL love? First and foremost, our Internal love SHOULD BE towards ALLAH S.W.T  and His Prophet MUHAMMAD S.A.W. but most of us when we are in love we sometimes we forgotten that the LOVE we should give the MOST is to ALLAH S.W.T and HIS Messenger.

Why we TEND to FORGET Him?
1.    We are MADLY in LOVE with our BF/GF
2.    We think that our LOVER is EVERYTHING to US.
3.    We think that only our lover UNDERSTANDS us.
And etc.

And when we will REMEMBER HIM?
1.    When our Bf/Gf DUMPED us.
2.    When we know that actually our partners are CHEATING on Us.
3.    When we realize that He/She is NOT MEANT to be with Us
And etc.

What actually we will do when all the BAD things happened to us?
We will start crying and blaming others why ALL this things HAPPENED to Us.
We LOST hope and we will try to pray to GOD that when we wake up the next morning EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE.

Let us THINK for a moment…
Why don’t we THINK of ALLAH every SECOND of our LIFE?
Why not we PRAY and HOPE to HIM that our RELATION will last until our BREATH?
Wyh don’t us pray that our partner will be the one that we will  MEET in the HEAVEN?
Why don’t we put THE CREATOR of all be our PRIORITY instead of our BF/GF?

P/s : Ya ALLAH.. Please MAKE our HEART to be IN LOVE with You MORE than anything else in the world..So that when we IN LOVE with our PARTNERS we still REMEMBER You and asking for Your BLESSINGS.. Ameen.. (:


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